Pursuing excellence in body, mind, and soul.


My training plans are designed to help you pursue excellence, no matter how you define it. Whether you’re a beginner runner or an elite triathlete, I want to come alongside you to help you reach your goals.

Youth Running

A 4-week training program to give kids an introduction to training for a race.

Arete Team Membership

Info and How to Get Involved

Personal Coaching

Become your best with customized training plans, frequent check-ins, and personal advice.

Workout of the Week

Become stronger and faster with this set of workouts designed to help you push yourself.



Arete Endurance is committed to helping endurance athletes (running, cycling, triathlon) be all that they can be.

Arete ( aa r eh t EE ) is a Greek Word that means excellence. It covers athleticism but also means reaching your highest potential of mind, body, and soul.To be all all that you can be with what you’ve been given. This name was chosen because it represents my coaching philosophy that high performance is a balance of the three. After years of coaching endurance athletes from the just off the couch to an athlete dreaming of reaching the Olympics, my goal is the same; to help you reach your highest potential knowing that it takes much more than a training program.