Personal Coaching 

For the past 8 years, I’ve been offering personal coaching.  Custom training programs are built around your goals, experience, timeline, schedule, and other life responsibilities. We will communicate daily, checking in to see how things went, how things are going, how you’re feeling, and if we need to tweak the plan. Without this relationship, it’s not coaching. I’ll come alongside you, join you and help guide you with my many years of experience and training. This helps the athlete focus on what really matters and takes out the guesswork. 

Who would benefit: Any athlete who wants to get better, but my specialty and focus typical are with seasoned athletes hoping to improve and reach their next level. 

How is it delivered: Once a week you’ll receive a plan for the coming week. This will be based on previous communication of how your week looks and is built around you. The plan is always in pencil and can change at anytime. Method for delivery is via TrainingPeaks. (Every Athlete Receives a Premium Subscription Included in the fee structure). 

What’s a plan look like: All plans will always follow a hard/easy schedule. Hard days are required to help push you to higher fitness but most follow with easy days to absorb and grow. 95% (my guesstimate, not a scientific fact) of athletes train at medium levels (not harder enough, not easy enough) and get stuck in repetition and don’t allow themselves to grow and chase numbers (daily mileage for example) over performance. All Arete Endurance plans will avoid the medium, tedious training that is so easy to fall into when self-coached. They are easy to follow, motivating, and fun.

What’s required from an athlete: Willingness to work; some way to record sessions (GPS watch, HR monitor, power meter, etc) and upload them to software; willingness to be honest and daily check-in. Will integrate any of the modern training software/hardware into your plan.(Garmin Connect, Strava, Zwift, Trainerroad, Any Bike Power Meter, Stryd Power Meter, HR, RPE)

Who have I coached:  High performance distance runners. Ultramarathon runners. Seasoned Marathoners. Boston Qualifiers. 1st Time Triathletes. Seasoned Triathletes.  World Championship qualifiers. Those dreaming of getting fit to those dreaming of making the Olympics. I prefer working with athletes who are driven and want to achieve big goals.

What you’ll receive: Long term plan to help you towards your goal. Daily analysis and feedback of your workouts and guidance. Always reachable. Once a month face to face meetings. Access to all group coached sessions.

Cost: $150/Month for Runners, $175/Month for Triathletes

If you are interested in just a consult of an existing plan let me know.

I’m interested but now what?: Fill out this questionnaire and we’ll start talking and see if Arete Endurance is a good fit for you. Arete Endurance Questionnaire