Virtual Boston Marathon

Virtual Boston Marathon September 7

Several runners from our group were to run in Boston this past April. That original race got postponed and has now turned into a “virtual” event. 

To complete the 2020 Boston Marathon, we’ve been given a one-week time frame to run the 42.2 KM from anywhere we like. What follows are those details and how you can get involved. 

Who: Chris S. and Greg P. (Gord F. also qualified from our group but is running his marathon somewhere else).    

What: A marathon around the track which equals 104.8 laps! 

When: September 7th at the Stony Brook Middle School Track.   We are starting around 6:30am. Goal is to both finish around 9:30am. 

Why: Why not? Running a marathon is challenging; running it around the track will bring an entire new set of difficulties. We run to test ourselves and here is another way. 

How to get involved: We’ve partnered with Steinbach Family Resource Centre in Steinbach to help raise money for the Back to School Supplies Drive. We are asking for donations of $20.00 (you will get a tax receipt) and then you can place your guesses with our finish time. The prediction closest to each of our finish times will win an airplane ride for 3 from Harv’s Air Service

You can donate and place your time guesses here. For approximation, Chris will finish between a 2:58 – 3:05 Marathon and Greg will finish between a 2:35 – 2:42 Marathon. 

We’re also inviting friends/family/onlookers to come cheer us on, starting at 830am and until we finish on September 7th. We could use the support!

For more info email