Arete Endurance is my mission to help endurance athletes be all that they can be.

Arete ( aa r eh t EE ) is a Greek Word that means excellence. It covers athleticism but also means reaching your highest potential of mind, body, and soul.To be all that you can be with what you’ve been given. This name was chosen because it represents my coaching philosophy that high performance is a balance of the three. After years of coaching endurance athletes from the just off the couch to an athlete dreaming of reaching the Olympics, my goal is the same; to help you reach your highest potential knowing that it takes much more than a training program.

About Me

I have been involved in endurance sport for most of my life as a competitor, race director, and coach. What started as a boy racing the school bus home grew into a young man chasing mountain bike cross country racing across North America. From there that turned into Marathon running and Triathlon. Driven to see how far I could go in each sport has given me the opportunity to compete in some of the most prestige’s events in the World. Highlights Include:

  • Cross Country Mountain Biking: Achieved World Cup Status as a Pro/Elite
  • Running: Several podiums at MB Marathon (1:13 1/2 Marathon PB, 2:36 Marathon PB), Run in Boston, NYC, and Chicago Marathons
  • Triathlon: Ironman Hawaii World Championship, 70.3 Ironman World Championship
  • Ultras: 597KM in 24 Hours on Bike, Frosty Mountain 50

For the past 12 years have been co-race director of Let’s Run Steinbach, an event that aims to inspire people to live active lifestyles. 9 years ago. I started helping people for this race by Launching the “I Can Do 5” Training Group. With it’s growth I began to coach age group runners and triathletes of all abilities. For the past 2 years have been coaching with Triathlon Manitoba to help develop our top Junior athletes. (Nominated for Coach of the year in 2017). Also have created a training program for kids to prepare them to run a 2KM event at Let’s Run Steinbach, a program that has had a lot of success within schools and families. 

I coach because I love to use my experiences and passion to help you reach your goals. I know what it is like to juggle family, work, and a busy schedule but yet still reach for your very best in sport. I coach because I know the transformation that happens when someone aims to give their very best and believe I can help with that pursuit. The word Arete perfectly describes my belief, that true success is achieved by working on body, mind, and spirit. Whatever your goals are I create realistic, challenging, and flexible training plans based on a life time of experience and knowledge.

I’m still very involved as an athlete and believe a coach should lead by example and experience. In 2019 will be running CDR (120KM Ultra) and several local events.

I am married to Tanya and have one son Isaiah.

I use TrainingPeaks and is required for all athletes.


Swim: Swim 101 – Trained

Cycling: Ready to Race!, NCCP Technical Mountain Bike I, II

Other Course: MED, RIS Leaders, Developing Athletic Abilities, Basic Mental Skills


In the beginning of January 2016 I made the decision to hire a running coach as part of a personal goal to try to achieve a better running time and style. Greg Penner had been recommended to me by a local sports therapy clinic and I jumped at the opportunity. To say I thought I knew a lot about the dynamics of running at this point would be an understatement; I was under the impression for a long time that any formal training plan I found in a magazine would suffice. I tended to run by feel on any given day without a specific goal. I knew I wasn’t improving in regards to speed or endurance so I had come to the conclusion that that was just as far as my body could go. Thanks to Greg and his expertise, I couldn’t be more wrong.

Greg is one of the most impressive runners I know. These last 7 months that I have spent training with him have been unforgettable. His knowledge and personal experience make him an excellent choice for a coach. One of my favourite things that Greg has shown me is his ability to guide and train me to improve in a way best suited to my running style; he has helped build my confidence to a new level I never could have imagined.

He has assisted me to push my limits and train far beyond what I thought I was capable of. I am in the best running shape of my life and I have PR’d multiple times running races since I have had the guidance and encouragement from Greg.

He monitors and tracks my times online through my Garmin and sets new parameters for me to achieve and fairly critiques areas where I can improve by being more in tune with my body, to prevent more serious injuries as well as monitoring my speed vs. heart rate etc. My results and increased endurance has greatly improved in just a matter of months, thanks to Greg. I would highly recommend any runner, even if you are just starting out or at a more advanced fitness stage to look into hiring Greg as your personal coach. It has been well worth my time and effort!