Week of Dec 30 – Jan 5, 2020

Arete Endurance loves goal setting and no better time to do it as the calendar turns. This is your Workout of the Week.

If you need a little help putting thoughts to paper, use the attachment below. What’s slightly different is that it’s written from the perspective of looking back at what you achieved, not what you want to.  As you fill it in you’re imagining that you’re writing it on December 31, 2020. Somehow the psychology works. 😊

Arete Endurance Goal Setting Sheet Download

It made me wonder if the reasons our lives seem so muddled is because we keep walking into scenes in which we, along with the people around us, have no clear idea what we want – Ibid

“It’s true that while ambition creates fear, it also creates the story. But it’s a good trade, because as soon as you point towards a horizon, life no longer feels meaningless. And there suddenly there is risk in your story and a question about whether you’ll make it. You have a reason to get out of bed in the morning.” Donald Miller