Week of Dec 23 – Dec 29, 2019

10th and final week of the post race season rebuild.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all. Arete Endurance has grown a lot in 2019 and I am so grateful and thankful. Its’ fulfilling a dream I’ve always had, to help those that share similar passions and goals.

If you have big goals and need some guidance would love to chat. I believe I’m a good coach for those that are juggling a lot and want to become the best they possible can be. I hope that everyone I’ve helped becomes not only faster, but a stronger, happier, and better person.

A workout built for the treadmill and focuses on strength development.


10 Minutes of a gradual build of pace/effort


Pace on treadmill should be comfortable, the difficulty comes from the Incline Adjustments

3 Minutes at 4- 6 % Incline on Treadmill

2 Minutes at 1% Incline for Recovery

Repeat 5-6 Times


Aim for 10 minutes of easy running