When your dreams feel foggy

We willfully create the illusion that we have no choice because it’s frightening to be free
– Seth Godin

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
– Paulo Coelho

We all have dreams. We all have passions. I remember a time, about 15 years ago where I had one of those life moments where those were really defined. It was a time when I could really get quiet, search my heart and listen to what my life had been telling me. I wrote, I listened, I wrote, I listened until I came up with a list of dreams, goals, and areas where I felt I was to contribute to the World. The list made me feel alive and felt like my compass.

For the most part, I’ve followed what is on this paper. I’ve felt I’ve been able to live out a lot what is on this list and yet at times feel I’m off track. This is my illusion, my distraction, my fear. This fear, often has a name; Responsibility. Of course I’m not saying don’t be responsible, it is critical but I’ve been using that word as my excuse at times. Responsibility can feel you’ve lost your choices and are just a cog in the machine.

My inclination is to pull back, to create a story and fear pushing outside of this narrative. This story tells me I’m not free, that my roll is just to focus on what is right in front me.

This leads me to the Coehlo quote, I’ve had this one saved for years and visit it often. It is part of my story and how I try to combat the feelings of fear taking over.

I have to continuously share how I feel and what I dreaming about. (For it to be fulfilled).

Simple, but vulnerable and I know I must push through this. My list is as true today as it was 15 years ago and when people hear it, it really seems like they feel it as well. They want you to succeed and help make it happen. Opportunities and encouragement come that I never would have imagined. It does feel like the World will conspire to help me. It’s pretty awesome.

So who will you share your dreams with?

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